Cruises for Singles on the Norwegian Epic

When it comes to understanding cruisers under 35 – 40 years old it seems that Norwegian cruise lines “get’s it” more than the others. They were the first to introduce anytime dining and the first to buck the system of the traditional cruise formal night and now they have decided to help out the most overlooked cruise group of them all… single cruisers.

Typically passengers who wish to cruise by themselves have to pay almost double the normal cruise rate because they are taking up valuable cabin space that could have been used to book two cruisers. Not only does this effect those wishing to travel alone but it also effects any group of cruisers who wish to have a little more privacy. This has kept many friends and relatives from traveling with us on many occasions. While many cruise lines have just ignored this, one line has come to the rescue.

NCL to the Rescue

The new Norwegian Epic features 128 studio staterooms designed just for solo travelers and prices start at only $799 for 7 night Caribbean cruises. The single cruisers are also given access to their own private Studio Lounge where they can mingle with other solo passengers during their cruise. These cabins also work great for for friends traveling together who want a little more privacy as several of the studio cabins are connecting cabins.

These cabins aren’t just afterthoughts either. In fact they may be some of the nicest cabins on the ship for their size. They are a bit small at around 100 sq feet, but the feel is very boutique hotel chic. Flat screen TV’s, mood lights that change colors and a window that opens to the hallway add to the ambiance.

My Thoughts
These cabins and forward thinking innovations are one of the big reasons I see NCL climbing up the list of top 10 cruise lines. In fact having never been on a Norwegian cruise before, I am very much looking forward to cruising with them in the near future. As an under 40 cruiser, I find it refreshing that a cruise line is trying to appeal to a younger demographic. Maybe soon the first thing I hear from people when I say I like to cruise wont be “aren’t cruises for old people”… man I get sick of hearing that.

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