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Godfrey Tour Bus

Touring St Thomas with Godfrey

Based on several recommendations, the first time we went to St Thomas we chose to take a tour with Godfrey Tours. To this date (seven years later) it is still one of the best Caribbean island tours we have ever done. For only $25 the tour included shopping, a tour of the island and your choice of a two hour beach stay at Magens Bay, Coki Point Beach or Coral World Ocean Park. It look like the prices have now gone up to $30 to include the coast of the beaches. This is still less then the $50 wanted by the ship for their excursions and in my opinion is worth every penny and then some. Our tour started with us meeting Godfrey just outside our ship where we loaded into two open air tour buses and headed to downtown Charlotte Amalie for a little shopping. You can choose to shop up to … [Read More...]

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Snorkeling at the Dive Bus in Curacao

On our last trip to Curacao we decided to try snorkeling at the Dive Bus based on a few good reviews we had read online. While it wasn't the best snorkeling we have ever done it was still a nice quiet spot to get away from the crowd. To be fair, we came on a day when the water was a bit rough and it kept us from venturing out too far from the sheltered cove. Don't come expecting  a typical Caribbean snorkel spot (that's a good thing) packed with fellow cruise passengers who kick you with their fins. Instead the Dive Bus is really a dive spot with the ability to snorkel as a bonus. There is also a nice little private beach area and a kitchen where you can grab some snacks and a few $2 Polar Beers after you snorkel. Those two things alone almost make it worth the trip. It really was a nice … [Read More...]

Parking Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Raises the Cost of Parking

If you have been planning a cruise out of Port Canaveral and have set aside $15 a day for parking you're going to need a little more cash. $15 to be exact. Port Canaveral within the last month or so has shifted from $15 a day to a set fee for cruise parking which is determined by the length of the cruise. The rates are now as follows: 3 day cruise - $60 4 day cruise - $75 5 day cruise - $90 7 day cruise - $120 If you do the math that is an extra $15 per car, per cruise, no matter the length. I'm not really sure of the reasoning behind this considering A. the state of our economy and B. more and more cruisers are considering off site parking. In my opinion this will lead more cruisers to look for cheaper alternative parking lots or hotels that offer free parking and shuttles. I … [Read More...]


Rum Runner Cruise Kit

Smuggling Alcohol on a Cruise

Unless you are booked on one of the all inclusive cruises with alcohol included you could be staring down a big surprise when it comes time to settle up your cruise tab at the end of your voyage. With watered down cruise drink prices hovering around $7 a pop and beers running around $5 it [...]


Carnival vs Royal Caribbean

If I didn’t stir the pot enough with my what to wear on formal night post, I am sure to ruffle a few feathers over which cruise line is better… Carnival or Royal Caribbean. This debate can get down right nasty and it seems the two sides don’t really like each other much (even though [...]

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What to Wear on Formal Night

If there is one topic that can get cruise lovers in a debate quicker than grandma Betty falls off the flow rider its the argument about what people wear on cruise formal night. There’s not much give and take either with this argument. Cruise traditionalist, typically made up of seniors and the upper middle class, [...]

Top 10

Tampa Port

Top 10 Cruise Ports in America

With cruise ships leaving from over 20 different cities in America including Alaska and Hawaii this list was harder to put together than I thought it would be. It also doesn’t help that I have not been able to personally visit many of the ports on the west coast (so sorry for the east coast [...]


Top 10 Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Some of the best cruise destinations in the world can be found close to home in the Caribbean. The islands offer white sand beaches, historical forts, rich histories and active volcanoes so it’s no wonder the Caribbean is so popular among cruisers. For our top 10 Caribbean cruise destinations we are going to concentrate on [...]

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Top 10 Cruise Lines… You Can Afford

The following is my opinion of the top ten cruise lines that the average person can afford. I’m choosing to leave off the luxury cruise lines that the majority of cruisers will not be able to afford because those lines are so exceptional that they would probably take up the top five spots of the [...]


Key West

Cruising to Key West – Not all its Cracked up to Be

When I think I Key West, I think of three things… Key lime pie, magical sunsets and the bridges connecting the keys. When you cruise to Key West you are only going to get to experience the pie. That’s because A. You’re not driving and B. you have to set sail before sunset. Sadly, most [...]


Western Caribbean Cruises

If you are looking for a cruise that is the best bang for the buck, look no further than one of the Western Caribbean cruises from New Orleans or Tampa, Fl. 7 night Western Caribbean cruises can be found for under $400 a person and it isn’t uncommon to find balcony rates as low as [...]


Cruises from New Orleans

There was a time when cruises from New Orleans weren’t really the best option unless you actually lived in the city. Driving out of your way just to take a New Orleans cruise on a Carnival fantasy class ship that only cruised to Cozumel wasn’t high on many cruisers must do list. Times however seem [...]