Carnival vs Royal Caribbean


If I didn’t stir the pot enough with my what to wear on formal night post, I am sure to ruffle a few feathers over which cruise line is better… Carnival or Royal Caribbean. This debate can get down right nasty and it seems the two sides don’t really like each other much (even though [...]

Cruises from Jacksonville, Fl


Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States so its no surprise that the world’s largest cruise line has chosen to keep a ship here full time. The Carnival Fascination cruises from Jacksonville, FL on 4 and 5 day trips to Nassau and either Freeport, Key West or Half Moon Cay. There was a [...]

Fantasy Charleston Cruises


If you are looking for a good cheap cruise then look no further than the Carnival Fantasy which cruises from Charleston, South Carolina to the Bahamas throughout the year. Cruises in January can be purchased for less than $300 and last minute deals can be found on other sailings. The Carnival Fantasy Having been built [...]

All Inclusive Cruise


It seems with more and more cruise lines “all inclusive” isn’t exactly what it use to be. I don’t know about you but when I hear the term all inclusive I expect…well… everything. What “all inclusive cruise” means to the majority of cruise lines Most cruise lines should change their terminology to say mostly inclusive [...]

Cruises from New York City


New York is my favorite city by itself, add to that a chance to cruise pass the downtown skyline and Statue of Liberty and this is a must do. There are three main ports serving cruises from the New York City. Those three ports are Brooklyn, Manhattan and Cape Liberty New Jersey. Red Hook Brooklyn [...]

Adult Only Cruises


Ahh!!! The elusive kid free cruise! Cruisers are always complaining about kids on cruise ships. Whether the kids are running through the halls at midnight, splashing in the pools or playing on the elevators, some adults have had enough. Sadly for those cruisers finding an affordable cruise with no kids is hard to do. P&O [...]