Port Canaveral Raises the Cost of Parking

If you have been planning a cruise out of Port Canaveral and have set aside $15 a day for parking you’re going to need a little more cash. $15 to be exact. Port Canaveral within the last month or so has shifted from $15 a day to a set fee for cruise parking which is determined by the length of the cruise. The rates are now as follows:

3 day cruise – $60
4 day cruise – $75
5 day cruise – $90
7 day cruise – $120

If you do the math that is an extra $15 per car, per cruise, no matter the length. I’m not really sure of the reasoning behind this considering A. the state of our economy and B. more and more cruisers are considering off site parking. In my opinion this will lead more cruisers to look for cheaper alternative parking lots or hotels that offer free parking and shuttles.

I know this change is fairly recent because as we were parking for our recent 4 day Disney cruise there was a piece of paper taped over the old fee with $75 on it. This is very disappointing as we had recently just started parking at the port again. With all the luggage required for cruising with a small child we had decided the convenience was worth the extra money. Now, I’m not so sure. I think I might just start parking at the Radisson again.

What do you think? Will this make you think twice about parking at the port or is it still worth the convenience of having your car right there?

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