Honeymoon Cruise Packages

Many first time cruisers are on their honeymoon and many travel websites do a good job of marketing to this niche. But if you are cruising for your honeymoon you should do some price comparisons before you purchase one of these packages. Its possible you could save some money by booking your trip separately through a well known travel site.

Where to book a Honeymoon Cruise

Before the internet revolution you could almost always find a better cruise deal through a local travel agent. Booking directly with a cruise line was the most expensive way to go. Times have changed and the travel industry has become super competitive. In fact nowadays local travel agents struggle to match prices from the cruise lines and major travel websites.

I always suggest comparing three sites when booking a cruise with one being the actual cruise line site. Most of the time these prices will be exactly the same. <Careful to make sure you account for fees and taxes. Some sites will show a price with these extra costs and others show a price without. But in the end the total is usually the same>. After you get the prices from your three sites its time to look at the add-ons. Sites will offer anything from free pictures to stateroom credit.

No matter where you book your cruise experience will be the same so I like to make my purchase decision on which site offers the best add-on. I look for the most stateroom credit because it helps pay my cruise gratuities. More on those in a later post.

What Free Extras to Expect on Your Honeymoon Cruise

Another reason to think twice about honeymoon cruise packages is that the cruise lines will more than likely treat you to a couple of freebies during your cruise. On my wife and I’s honeymoon cruise we were invited to a special honeymooners reception cocktail party where we had free champagne and cocktails. The reception lasted about an hour and we got to meet couples our own age. This is a great way to meet people and enjoy some free cruise drinks.

We also received a small cake one night at dinner. Free cakes use to be the norm on many cruises for birthdays and anniversaries but it seems lately more lines are charging for this. Kind of seems silly to have to buy your own surprise birthday or anniversary cake.

Where to Book Your Honeymoon Cruise

If your budget can afford it there is nothing more romantic than cruising the Mediterranean through cities like Venice, Florence, and Santorini. But if you are looking for something a little less expensive and closer to home then look for one of the Eastern Caribbean cruises through any of the Virgin Islands.


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