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Recommended Items for Your Cruise

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Inflatable Duck Bath – $11.80

If you are cruising with infants, babies or toddlers this little guy can be a great item to pack. The Duck bath can double as both a bath tub and pool for your little one. Most cruise cabins are shower only which can be tough with little ones. Also very few cruise lines have pools for diapered children. With the inflatable duck you could have an instant pool right on your balcony or even take it with you to the sun deck. The duck bath ways less than 2 pounds and comes packed in a relatively small box so packing should be easy.


Rum Runner Cruise Kit – $22.95

Cruise lines are getting more proactive in stopping guest from bringing their own alcohol on board but with these clear rum runner flask you will have the best chance to sneak your favorite bottle of booze in your checked luggage.



U.S. Divers Snorkel Kit – starting at $34.80

It can cost you from $10 – $20 to rent snorkel gear at each port. If you can find some room in your luggage then its worth buying a set for everyone. You will save money in the long run and you will never worry who’s had their mouth on your snorkel or worry whether it has ever been cleaned