Top 10 Cruise Ports in America

Tampa Port

With cruise ships leaving from over 20 different cities in America including Alaska and Hawaii this list was harder to put together than I thought it would be. It also doesn’t help that I have not been able to personally visit many of the ports on the west coast (so sorry for the east coast [...]

Top 10 Caribbean Cruise Destinations


Some of the best cruise destinations in the world can be found close to home in the Caribbean. The islands offer white sand beaches, historical forts, rich histories and active volcanoes so it’s no wonder the Caribbean is so popular among cruisers. For our top 10 Caribbean cruise destinations we are going to concentrate on [...]

Top 10 Cruise Lines… You Can Afford

Cruise Pictures 102

The following is my opinion of the top ten cruise lines that the average person can afford. I’m choosing to leave off the luxury cruise lines that the majority of cruisers will not be able to afford because those lines are so exceptional that they would probably take up the top five spots of the [...]