Do You Need a Passport for a Cruise?


Depends… but probably not. Sorry! That’s a terrible answer but it really depends on the details whether or not you need a passport for a cruise. There was a time a few years ago that the United States Government was going to eventually make passports mandatory for cruisers. Considering the tough economy, the price and [...]

What to Wear on Formal Night

Cruise Pictures 038

If there is one topic that can get cruise lovers in a debate quicker than grandma Betty falls off the flow rider its the argument about what people wear on cruise formal night. There’s not much give and take either with this argument. Cruise traditionalist, typically made up of seniors and the upper middle class, [...]

How old do you have to be to go on a cruise?


I can already hear the wise guys saying “you have to be at least 65″ but times have changed and the average age of cruisers has steadily declined over the past twenty years or so. In fact its even becoming quite a popular spring break and graduation vacation for college kids. From this new found [...]

Adult Only Cruises


Ahh!!! The elusive kid free cruise! Cruisers are always complaining about kids on cruise ships. Whether the kids are running through the halls at midnight, splashing in the pools or playing on the elevators, some adults have had enough. Sadly for those cruisers finding an affordable cruise with no kids is hard to do. P&O [...]

Best Cruise Line by Age Group


Deciding which cruise line is the best is a tough question. It is very subjective and really depends on you. Its also quite a touchy subject amongst cruise enthusiast. Message board debates between Carnival and Royal Caribbean lovers have been known to turn ugly. For this post I’m going to stick with the more mainstream [...]