Smuggling Alcohol on a Cruise

Rum Runner Cruise Kit

Unless you are booked on one of the all inclusive cruises with alcohol included you could be staring down a big surprise when it comes time to settle up your cruise tab at the end of your voyage. With watered down cruise drink prices hovering around $7 a pop and beers running around $5 it [...]

Carnival vs Royal Caribbean


If I didn’t stir the pot enough with my what to wear on formal night post, I am sure to ruffle a few feathers over which cruise line is better… Carnival or Royal Caribbean. This debate can get down right nasty and it seems the two sides don’t really like each other much (even though [...]

What to Wear on Formal Night

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If there is one topic that can get cruise lovers in a debate quicker than grandma Betty falls off the flow rider its the argument about what people wear on cruise formal night. There’s not much give and take either with this argument. Cruise traditionalist, typically made up of seniors and the upper middle class, [...]