Beers of the Caribbean – Famosa


As I mentioned on my last review of Carib beer I picked up a few suspect bottles of Caribbean beer from the local liquors r us. If I thought Carib was bad, it was nothing compared to the assault on my nostrils upon opening the Guatemalan beer, Famosa. I wasn’t really expecting this to be [...]

Beers of the Caribbean – Carib

ChaseDec11 144

So its been too long since I posted a Caribbean beer review… mainly cause I ran out of pictures from our cruises that involved the actual beer bottle. Never fear… I have run out to the local liquors-r-us (Total Wine & Package) and made my own six pack of Caribbean beers. This is one suspect [...]

Beers of the Caribbean – Amstel Bright

Amstel Bright

I started my Beers of the Caribbean reviews last week with my review of Polar beer, which just happened to be the first picture I found. This week I bring you what had become my favorite beer in the Caribbean. Amstel Bright not to be confused with Amstel Light is a great crisp refreshing beer [...]

Beers of the Caribbean – Polar Beer

Polar Beer Venezuela

So one of my favorite things to do when cruising the Caribbean is to sample some of the local beers. Because of that I thought it might be fun to put a little review of each on the site to keep track of along the way. I’m starting with Polar for no other reason than [...]