Benefits of boarding the ship early

The day is finally here and you’re chomping at the bit to get on board the ship. You wake up early and beg the family to hurry up with their complimentary fruit loops and blueberry muffins. You have a mission – you’re gonna be the first family on the ship.

You finally make it to the port where you see that a few hundred other people had the same idea and apparently were a little better at getting the family in gear cause they are already waiting in line.

Don’t get too discouraged. All that early morning hustle and even the subsequent wait in line to get on the ship just might be worth it. If you want to get some good photos of the ship with out some kid picking his nose in the background then you’re gonna wanna try and board early. Some of my best photos of the inside of the ship have come in these precious couple of hours after the ship opens up to new passengers.

This is also a great time to get a round of mini golf in and grab a bite to eat before the buffet lines get crowded and after all… its never too early for a Bahama Mama Drink.

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