Beers of the Caribbean – Polar Beer

So one of my favorite things to do when cruising the Caribbean is to sample some of the local beers. Because of that I thought it might be fun to put a little review of each on the site to keep track of along the way. I’m starting with Polar for no other reason than it was the first to come to mind and I know I have a picture of it somewhere that I can add to the post… so here goes my first Caribbean beer review.

Polar Beer
Country of Origin – Venezuela
Type – Pilsner
My opinion – It’s ok (6 out of 10)

Bear with me on these first reviews as I’m going on memory… in some cases from over a year ago. In other words I may not be able to tell you about much of the details of the beer other than whether it was good or not. I’ll keep better notes from now on…

Polar is a beer that is popular in many of the southern Caribbean islands including the ABC islands such as Curacao where I sampled mine. This is because it’s made in Venezuela which is only about 40 miles away… although as you can see in the picture it says imported by Polar Trading in New York. I sure hope this beer doesn’t travel thousands of miles round trip just to make it 40 miles across the water.

It’s not a bad beer. Nothing overwhelming that makes you crave it but it is certainly worth going back for another. Prices are reasonable too at about $2 a beer. But that should come with an “*” because the bottles I saw were only 8oz’s.

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