Beers of the Caribbean – Famosa

As I mentioned on my last review of Carib beer I picked up a few suspect bottles of Caribbean beer from the local liquors r us. If I thought Carib was bad, it was nothing compared to the assault on my nostrils upon opening the Guatemalan beer, Famosa. I wasn’t really expecting this to be good considering it was purchased in Georgia where I guess it probably sat on a shelf for months as beer snobs took one look at the bottle, laughed and moved on down the line of Belgium beers and other worthy imports.

As for the taste… not the worst beer I’ve ever had (that award goes to Shlitz Ice) but still not something I hope to ever try again. Last time we were in Belize the locals told us how you had to watch out for the Guatemalans…guess they didn’t want any of this tainted firewater being brought over to their neck of the woods and getting into the groundwater.

Ha! I also just noticed my bottle is dated March 2011… that ain’t good considering its March 2012.

Beer – Famosa
Country of Origin – Guatemala
Type – Lager
My opinion – Open only in case of emergency (4 out of 10)


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