Beers of the Caribbean – Carib

So its been too long since I posted a Caribbean beer review… mainly cause I ran out of pictures from our cruises that involved the actual beer bottle. Never fear… I have run out to the local liquors-r-us (Total Wine & Package) and made my own six pack of Caribbean beers. This is one suspect looking six pack of beers too. I mean if you went to the package store with the sole purpose of finding the worst looking beers on the shelf, its a safe bet you would have at least four of the ones I have chosen.

First up on my six pack taste test is Carib Lager. It doesn’t get any more Caribbean than Carib. Heck its even called Caribbean Beer… says so right there on the bottle. Brewed in Trinidad, this beer can be found all over the Caribbean and even on several cruise ships. The golden color gives it an American style look but the 5.2% alcohol has way more kick than your local Bud Light.

Now for the verdict…

Country of Origin – Trinidad
Type – Lager
My opinion – I hope this taste better in Trinidad (6 out of 10)

Opening the bottle and taking a whiff did not take me back to the gentle breezes of the Caribbean or the night air on our cruise ship balcony… instead I had an instant flashback of every skunky beer I’ve ever tasted. Maybe its the fact this beer had to find its way to Marietta, GA before being opened or maybe it really does just smell horrible. Either way, I plan to give this beer another try on our next cruise to see if fresher really is better.

After getting over the initial smell test fail, the beer is smooth and goes down pretty easy. As mentioned the 5.2% alcohol gives it a nice kick but I’m not going to be rushing back to the store for a six pack anytime soon… or ever.

That being said, the $2 Carib beers located throughout the Caribbean probably taste like liquid gold after shelling out $7 for old bud lights on the lido deck. So count me down for 3 or 7 the next time I find myself sitting at a port side bar. Then I’ll come back and give a better Caribbean experience review on Carib beer.

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