Touring St Thomas with Godfrey

Godfrey Tour Bus

Based on several recommendations, the first time we went to St Thomas we chose to take a tour with Godfrey Tours. To this date (seven years later) it is still one of the best Caribbean island tours we have ever done. For only $25 the tour included shopping, a tour of the island and your [...]

Snorkeling at the Dive Bus in Curacao

dive bus (2) (Small)

On our last trip to Curacao we decided to try snorkeling at the Dive Bus based on a few good reviews we had read online. While it wasn’t the best snorkeling we have ever done it was still a nice quiet spot to get away from the crowd. To be fair, we came on a [...]

Port Canaveral Raises the Cost of Parking

Parking Port Canaveral

If you have been planning a cruise out of Port Canaveral and have set aside $15 a day for parking you’re going to need a little more cash. $15 to be exact. Port Canaveral within the last month or so has shifted from $15 a day to a set fee for cruise parking which is [...]

Disney Dream Review with Pics – Cabin 7021

chad disney cruise 383 (Medium)

My wife and I have always talked about going on a Disney cruise because well… we love cruising and we love Disney (no brainer, right?). The prices which can in some cases be twice as much as comparable cruises however have kept us from pulling the trigger. That and the fact we never had kids [...]

Cruising with a Six Month Old – What We Learned

Towel Animals

I’m a little late getting around to this post considering our six month old is now 14 months old and getting ready to go on his second cruise. Maybe by the time he is 2 I’ll have the Cruising with a one year old post ready…Hey better late than never right. Anyway, I thought this [...]

Music for Cruising – My Favorite Cruise Music

IMG_0677 (Small)

Grab a lounger, your ipod and a few of these cruise songs and you are ready for a perfect day at sea or a relaxing day at the beach. Some of my best cruise memories are just lying under the sun watching the waves with a great song playing through my earphones. Ive been meaning [...]