Adult Only Cruises

Ahh!!! The elusive kid free cruise!

Cruisers are always complaining about kids on cruise ships. Whether the kids are running through the halls at midnight, splashing in the pools or playing on the elevators, some adults have had enough. Sadly for those cruisers finding an affordable cruise with no kids is hard to do.

P&O Cruises

The only cruise line that seems to be embracing the adult only cruise concept full time is P&O cruises. Currently they offer year round adult only cruises on the Arcadia and the Adonia and they are adding the Oriana to the adults only list in November 2011.

These ships cruise mostly overseas and are priced a bit higher than your typical Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise that you may be use to. They do offer a few cruises to the Caribbean but they are 20+ day cruises round trip from Southampton, England.

With the addition of a third ship later this year theme seems to be working for P&O. Considering that P&O is part of the Carnival family I wouldn’t be surprised to see this tried out closer to home in the near future.

Serenity Now

While Carnival doesn’t have any main line ships dedicated to adults only, they have started to introduce “Serenity” on many of their ships. Serenity is a new adults only area that is complete with bar service, chaise lounges, oversized umbrellas and whirlpools. While this is a wonderful retreat for adult cruisers, space is limited and spots can fill up fast.

Royal Caribbean Solarium

Royal Caribbean labels their Solarium’s as “adult only” but be careful getting hooked into this. Adult only means over 16 and in some cases, in a major failure of concept, the pizza station is located in this area. Don’t get me wrong its still a nice retreat but it is by no means kid proof.

Go High End

While some of the high end cruise lines such as Crystal and Silvesea Cruises may not say adults only, it is doubtful you will see many children on those ships as many families cannot afford the luxury cruise prices. If you have the money then by all means go for the luxury cruise.


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