5 Things I Hate About Cruising

So after spending some time reading through some of the various complaint message boards online, I’ve decided to try and come up with a list of things I don’t like about cruising. Don’t get me wrong, I love cruising. I just thought it might be fun to come up with list. Plus there is something about reading those boards that always leaves a negative taste in my mouth. The list was actually harder to come up with than I thought it would be. Anyway… here goes 5 things I don’t like (hate is such a strong word) about cruising in no particular order.

1. Bingo

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that cruise lines offer bingo on every single cruise considering the large amount of retirees on each cruise. Heck even Disney cruise lines has bingo and they don’t even allow casinos on their ships. Now I love gambling and have even spent a couple of nights in smoke filled bingo halls trying to catch that last number on my cover all so I’ve given these games a try on a couple of cruises. What makes me cringe however is the price they are charging for bingo cards in relation to the prize amounts awarded. I’ve seen cruise lines charge $20 for three bingo cards with a chance to win $50 and a small jackpot tease that is never won until the last night. That’s ridiculous! It cost $20 for entire pack of cards at a bingo hall and you have multiple chances to win thousands. Sadly the ships have just as many people playing as those bingo halls. They are making a killing and I just don’t understand why people keep coming back for more.

2. Early Morning Disembarkation
I know the ship has to be ready for the next set of passengers but good lord do I have to really wake up at 6am to be out of my stateroom by 7 or 8. I’ve even heard some ships want you out of the room by 6 (WTF!). I’d spend a lot more money on Bahama Mamas the night before if I didn’t have to get up so early the next morning.

3. Balcony Smokers
This is one cruise message board complaint I actually agree with. Sure I’ve already admitted to spending a little time in a smoke filled bingo hall but that doesn’t mean I like it. While I’m on my balcony enjoying the waves and a cup of coffee I shouldn’t have to breath in your second hand smoke and no I don’t care that you paid just as much for your balcony. What you are doing is a nuisance and proven health hazard to those around you. In other words you DO NOT have a right to smoke on your balcony. I do applaud the cruise lines for becoming stricter on their smoking policies as many are starting to crack down on smoking all over the ship including balconies. After all, fire is the most dangerous threat at sea (next to Captain Francesco Schettino anyway) and events such as the fire onboard the Star Princess should be reason enough to never smoke on the balcony.

4.Specialty Dining
When I started cruising as a kid ships served 7 course meals in the main dining room and it was freaking awesome. Nowadays if you want the same quality seven course meal you have to sign up for a specialty restaurant and pay $25, $35 even $75 in the case of Disney’s Remy, per person. It’s a shame and its even mare shameful that it appears they have tricked many cruisers into believing that’s OK. I get mad every time I hear someone say “its such a good deal compared to a nice place at home”. That’s ridiculous! Did you also pay $1,500 a person for the taxi or even limo to the restaurant…I didn’t think so. Stop letting these cruise lines nickel and dime you to death. Pretty soon the only thing your cruise fare is going to include is transportation and a Tokyo sized hotel room.

5. Gold by the Inch
I told you this list was hard to come up with so this one is a bit of a stretch… However, only on a cruise ship will you see people crammed around rolls of gold plated crap ready to shell out $3 an inch for 25 feet of gumball machine quality bling. After all, for only $300, you too can look like Mr T.

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